How I see you, Baby. Week 11.

You just.. keep..on..growing..bigger..


Man+ Girl+ Glow



The spring has at last sprung! x

10 on 10 March – Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall

This month’s 10 on 10 is a collection of images from our lovely family weekend in Cornwall at the start of the month. We try to get to this spot a couple of times a year and I am so glad I take lots of pictures because I am able to do a direct comparison between then/now to see how the children are growing.. See what I mean:

2014-03-02_0004 2014-03-02_0005

This is Limonie and Alf a year ago – and then again two visits later. I LOVE THIS!

Anyway.. on to the 10 on 10.. it was a bright and blustery weekend near the coast, our most favorite place to be. As always the weekend made for lots of time in the play-park; walks along the coast and more than a modest amount of time sipping good coffee and reading the Kindle. The fact that is it ‘out of season’ makes no difference – if anything we prefer it as what we lose in sunbathing time we more than make up for in the indoor heated pool and sauna. Heaven in a Hottub!😀

Come have a peek at how our weekend panned out.. and when you are done here remember to hop over to to see what lovely Linnae has been up to!











Much Love xx

How I see you, Baby. Week 10.


My tatty little angel😀


How I see you, Baby. Week 9.



You have my mother’s spirit – cautious and deeply loving.

You have her eyes and mouth.

I hope she is watching over you and loving you as much as we do x

How I see you, Baby. Week 9.



Daddy’s girl.

‘Don’t even think about taking me off of my daddy’s back, Mummy!’

How I see you, Baby. Week 8.

You remind me to look for the light on the even the most grey day..


How I see you Baby, Week Seven.



Open eyed and open hearted x

10 on 10 February: Dartmouth

10 on 10 for February 2014 comes to you from beautiful Dartmouth on a bright but chilly day. Think pretty harbour, luxurious boats, scenic walks, cool shops and fantastic cafes. Yup… Beautiful. 

Join us below on our little crabbing adventure (those little critters just love smoked bacon!) before hopping over to to see what is happening over in Lisa’s snowy corner of the world!

Sam xx

Dartmouth 10 on 10 feb-1

Dartmouth 10 on 10 feb-2

Dartmouth 10 on 10 feb-3 Dartmouth 10 on 10 feb-4 Dartmouth 10 on 10 feb-5 Dartmouth 10 on 10 feb-6

Dartmouth 10 on 10 feb-8

Dartmouth 10 on 10 feb-9

Dartmouth 10 on 10 feb-10

Dartmouth 10 on 10 feb-11


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