How I see you, Baby. Week 27.

July 2014 Limonie Birthday-10

Ice cream muncher! Happy 2nd Birthday gorgeous girl :) xx

How I see you, Baby. Week 26.

In your sister’s swimsuit. You won’t thank me for this one in the years to come ;-)

July 2014 Words Ballerina-2

How I see you, Baby. Week 23

JUNE 2014 PARK -2

Summer Lovin’ x

10 on 10 for June 2014

I was really sorry to have missed the link last month, so made doubly sure it wouldn’t happen again this month!

Check out the pictures below from a fabulous weekend in our hometown, Exeter with our good friends Sally, Ben and their children Thomas and Ella. We went to the Respect Festival – celebrating diversity and difference in Devon and the sun shone bright for us. Here are our highlights :)

Our favourite.. Pad Thai. IT WAS SO GOOD!

Lyme and Respect May 2014-8 Lyme and Respect May 2014-10


Daddy and Limi playing with stickers and pens :)

Lyme and Respect May 2014-15 Lyme and Respect May 2014-16


Tug. Of. War!

Lyme and Respect May 2014-18

Lyme and Respect May 2014-19

Gorgeous Ella.


Lyme and Respect May 2014-23 Lyme and Respect May 2014-24

Lyme and Respect May 2014-25


So many great smiles from Limi today – what a cutie!

Lyme and Respect May 2014-27


Thank you for stopping by.. be sure to head on over to Jen at to find out what they have been up to, next xx

How I see you, Baby. Week 22.

How I see you, Baby. Week 22.

6am Sunday morning.
Yoghurt. No nappy. Crafting.

How I see you, Baby. Week 21.

Lyme and Respect May 2014-18

Do ‘The Face’, Alf!

You are so determined, my little man x

How I see you, Baby. Week 20.

20 weeks.. Where is the year going?!

PQA full set-21

Little Fairy Toes!

How I see you, Baby. Week 19



Just. So. Fun!


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